1107, 2023

Preparing Your Pet for Storm Season

If your pet suffers from thunderstorm-related anxiety (i.e., storm phobia), you likely dread each time you hear an approaching storm’s distant rumble. Seeing your beloved pet suffer intense emotional and physical distress every time the barometric pressure drops likely triggers your own anxiety—along with helplessness and heartache. As you do [...]

307, 2023

Purr-sonality Change? Arthritis and Feline Behavior

Much like your cat’s vital signs, their behavior can be an outward expression of an internal problem. Changes in their personality or routine can provide valuable clues about their physical and emotional health. And, because cats are notorious for masking illness and discomfort, behavior change is often the only way [...]

2606, 2023

Hush, Puppy: Soothing Sound Sensitivity in Pets

Does your pet panic when they hear a loud, irritating, or sudden sound? Noise aversion (i.e., sound sensitivity or noise anxiety) is a common but frequently underdiagnosed condition that can affect dogs and, less commonly, cats. Left untreated, what starts as occasional nervousness or jumpy behavior can progress into severe [...]

1609, 2017

Back to School for Your Pet: Let’s all Just Relax!

You can teach your pet relaxation techniques to help manage behavior problems As you make back-to-school plans for the kids and slow down for the school buses, think about what you can do for your pet to help improve her world and keep her brain engaged. Has [...]

1501, 2017

Keep Your Dog in Shape Using a Treadmill

Why should I put my dog on the treadmill?January is National Train Your Dog Month and Walk Your Pet Month, so why not do both. Keeping your dog in shape during those cold winter months can be a bit trying if you don’t want to go outside for long periods [...]

111, 2014

Thoughts on Behavioral Wellness

As I have pondered the “birth” of our new website, I have been thinking about what I want pet owners/guardians to know about veterinary behavior. There is so much that I want to share that I find it hard to find the starting line. Through this process, the one phrase [...]

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