1009, 2023

Fur-getful Friends: Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Senior Pets

Age is a blessing and a curse. Although every pet owner hopes their four-legged friend will reach their golden years, this special era is often marred by age-related physical and mental decline. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is a common, yet often overlooked, dementia disorder that affects roughly 28% of 11- [...]

2008, 2023

Why Cats Need to Scratch

When your feline friend uses your new couch as a scratching post, you may question why your cat even needs those sharp, shredding claws. Your cat’s destructive scratching can seriously frustrate you. However, before you banish your kitty from the living room, remember that scratching is a natural and vital [...]

708, 2023

Fear Free Boarding for Pets

Boarding can be stressful for pets and their owners. Fortunately, an increasing number of boarding facilities recognize that a pet’s emotional wellbeing is equally as important as their physical comfort and safety. Fear Free Certified professionals who staff boarding facilities have taken steps to create a positive and calming environment [...]

108, 2023

The Mind-Body Connection: How Allergies Affect Behavior in Pets

Your pet’s internal health has a powerful influence on their behavior and personality. Something as seemingly innocuous as an allergy, which causes constant irritation, itching, and an overactive immune system, not only disrupts their skin, but also their way of life. Your pet’s recent moodiness, hyperactivity, or general misbehavior may [...]

2407, 2023

Help Your Pet Look and Feel Their Best with Fear Free Grooming

If your pet misbehaves during grooming, hates having their nails trimmed, or hides when it’s bath time, it may not be because they’re stubborn—instead, they may be frightened, uncomfortable, or stressed. Fear Free handling and care techniques are a simple and effective way to help your pet feel safe and [...]

1707, 2023

Is Your Cat Stressed?

At a glance, your cat may appear quiet and composed, but on the inside, chronic stress may be plaguing them. Despite their cool exterior, our feline friends are highly sensitive to changes in their internal and external environments. When changes occur, stress is an automatic—and unhealthy—response. Unfortunately, cats express stress [...]

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